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  • I Wanna Be A Zimpreneur

    What’s up with everyone going around adding “preneur” on the end of every word. Have you noticed this? Being an entrepreneur has become such a fad. It started about a decade ago in the USA. Then into Europe. Well it’s full force into Africa...  Read More

  • The Best Feelings in the World

    I did a creative talk yesterday and asked everyone in the room to describe your favorite feeling in the world. It was strange because the quietest guys in the room had the most elaborate descriptions of their favorite life experiences and feelings. We wrote them down on a whiteboard...  Read More

  • Individual Heroes

    No Individual heroes. Let’s say you’ve helped build a billion dollar company. You were bought out by a heavy hitter like Google or Facebook, or very private side of the US government. The CEO/Founder of this company used to be nothing but a person with an idea...  Read More