Update: 280 CEOs, A Growing Startup, And An Imperial Beard

Update: 280 CEOs, A Growing Startup, And An Imperial Beard

When 280 CEOs, Managing Directors (MDs), and managers show up in a room, even while a John Maxwell conference is happening down the street, it's because there's something BIG taking place.

Tom Deuschle, Celebrate International, and Emerging Ideas hosted Jim Niekamp in Harare for 4 days (Jim is the founder of the 95% Market Share Conference in Chicago). Jim has an incredible story—he and his business partner took 3 product lines from 10% market share to 95% market share in less then 18 months across America. The principles he teaches have nothing to do with billboards, clever pitches, or flyers, but everything to do with the connection economy (trust and relationships). The conference room was packed and the response is bringing Jim back again next year.

Startup Project Update: C:Media

C:Media, the little production company that Emerging Ideas has been developing over the past 18 months, has turned a new corner and introduced high impact videos. Short stories about a brand or product that compels the viewer to do one of three things: Share, Act, or Change a belief. Currently, C:Media is working with MicroKing (a micro finance company that's educating people how to acquire small business loans), a water company, a national hotel chain, and a few financial institutions to help change to face of industry in Zimbabwe through high impact videos.

The fully fledged video studio employs 10 full-time staff, it has two floors, and a fully stocked river of Red Bull running through it. As Tommy says, "I'm not sure if the team ever goes home. It's either because most of them are single, or they really are passionate about storytelling."

Startups In The Midwest USA

Tim just returned from a few short trips to Little Rock, Arkansas and this week from Kansas City, Missouri—now commonly known in the startup world as "The Silicon Prairie." Both destinations proved enlightening with us getting to visit and partake in the startup communities blossoming in the Midwest USA.

Our trip to Kansas City was targeted regarding a new initiative that we'll be unveiling in the next month. It's a business development project we've been dreaming about and planning on the ground in Zimbabwe. We'll produce a full update here when we have some hard facts to share with you, but we're very excited about the potential of leveraging the great resources and entrepreneurial education in the USA and bridging that gap into Southern Africa—all the while inspiring new dreams and companies along the way.

Tim had the pleasure of attending a 1 Million Cups event at the Kauffman Foundation, as well as meeting with a handful of successful businesspeople in the community who are interested in our work in Southern Africa. We began planning for how we can catapult our business development plans in Zimbabwe to the next stage.

And of course, what trip to Kansas City would be complete without spending some time with our friends over at Thou Mayest? Coffee brewmaster Bo Nelson is now commonly called "Bro Nelson" in the community. With his throwback style and imperial beard, he's fast becoming a coffee roasting legend.

Thanks for reading and keep running full force after your dreams,

Tommy & Tim

(photo: zach werner)