3 Ideas To Think About

3 Ideas To Think About

We like to toss around ideas from time to time—hence our name. Here are a few. Read through them, then throw us your ideas on Twitter and let’s continue the conversation there.

What if governments across the globe allowed citizens to allocate 30% of where their taxes go?

Like a crowdfunding for taxes. You choose what you want to fund: power, infrastructure, urban beautification, affordable housing, transportation, water and sanitation.

The top 3 ideas with the most votes are funded and implemented.

How cool and fun would that be? So instead of talking about how bad the power infrastructure is, we get to see if people really think it's bad, and if so, then we collectively get to do something about it.

Then, the government of that nation embraces private sector companies to implement the new projects. Bid it out. And put early completion bonuses in place so they’re motivated to finish early.

Here’s another idea: a private road paving company.

This goes hand in hand with the idea above. I see so many terrible roads and potholes across Harare. What about a private paving company that went to each neighborhood community and created a payment program (this could be started and proven in the wealthier neighborhoods first and then rolled out). The conversation goes something like this, if each household paid $5 per month, then we will fix your roads all the way to the main thoroughfares. Do that with 1,000 households and you have $60,000 to work with to install 2km or new pavement.

The numbers may need to be tweaked a little, but there are always creative options in how to finance these sorts of ideas.

Last idea for you to think about—a friendly and reliable call center. Did you know that the Western world outsources the majority of their calls to India and the Philippines? There’s no reason why Zimbabwe couldn’t be on that list. In fact, we tend to think Zimbabweans are much easier to understand and more friendly to talk to (we’re biased of course). A great staff would be needed and they would be required to get results over the phone. Once validated, you could have an endless supply of calls from some of the largest brands and companies in the world.

Chew on those ideas and let’s talk online! Have a good one.

(photo via adam posey)