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  • Focus on the Intention of Your Work

    Focus is doing things with a clear intention and making sure that all your decisions match your intention. Focusing isn’t simply about avoiding the temptation to multitask until a priority project is complete. Instead, it means truly understanding what you...  Read More

  • Beaming Internet from the Skies

    “Before they can get online, they need to get charged.” I’m sure you’ve heard the chatter by now. Africa is the world’s new emerging market. And many of the world’s billionaires have grand plans to connect Africa to the world via technology and internet connectivity...  Read More

  • 6 Months, 30 Years

    Facebook gives a little red book to all of their new employees sharing with them some of the company’s core beliefs and culture. The book is a great look into how a company that dominated an ever-changing industry thinks and operates at such an incredibly high and fast-paced level...  Read More