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  • Raising Money

    Financing and fundraising is often the doom of a first time entrepreneur. You know the look, your eyes glaze over and neck begins to spin into a rotating cycle that leaves everyone in the room terrified. Let’s make this understandable: If you take money, the goal is to pay back the investor and...  Read More

  • Frog Protection

    There’s a clever little commercial that Discover Card’s been running where a man calls in to discuss his account with a company representative. (you can watch it here) While clutching his pet frog, the man asks, “Hey, I heard you can help me with Frog Protection?” The rep informs him...  Read More

  • The 10/20/30 Rule

    Guy Kawasaki was Apple’s first brand evangelist. He would go and meet with the most excited customers and empower them to spread the word about Apple. He’s now a world renowned author, speaker, venture capitalist, inventor, CEO, the list goes on forever. He has a great 3 part video series on YouTube that discusses presenting your idea to an investor...  Read More