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  • To Employ Or Not Employ?

    Recruiting falls on your shoulders when you're building a team—pick the wrong person and it's your fault. Getting the right boys and girls on the playground is a challenge. In talking with the CEO of Navajo Manufacturing (where they employ thousands of people), he gave me the question that gives you a pulse or "downbeat” on a potential new hire...  Read More

  • Looking Forward, 2013 in Review

    One of our guiding principles that we seek to implement is transparency. As we work with entrepreneurs and companies, we think it’s important to inform you and be open about what we’re working on and how it’s going. This past year was an incredible inception for us as we officially launched...  Read More

  • You're Not The Referee

    "I feel like we all know where the goal posts are, but on the way there we keep fumbling over bad days, missed deadlines, and things that are normally clear." I was helping a young CEO manage his team earlier this week. Because soccer is the biggest game in the world and the World Cup is nearly upon us we started talking soccer language...  Read More