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  • First Startup. First Flop.

    You never really know what you're doing when you start working on your first idea. You write down the name on a piece of paper and it sends chills down your spine, or at least that happened to us. It's taken time for us to get over this and re-envision this idea again. We wanted to share the humor, the pain, the excitement, and the pure idiotic mistakes we made when building our first startup...  Read More

  • Looking Forward, 2013 in Review

    One of our guiding principles that we seek to implement is transparency. As we work with entrepreneurs and companies, we think it’s important to inform you and be open about what we’re working on and how it’s going. This past year was an incredible inception for us as we officially launched...  Read More

  • Astro Technology: A Mission Impossible

    So there you are, relaxing in your reclining, office chair, enjoying a nice tropical juice while skimming through twitter trends and listening to Khona and Xigubu...when, all-of-a-sudden, you receive an email notification from a mysterious sender—it’s an audio attachment you suspiciously open and play...  Read More