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  • Life In The 3rd World

    A gang of rats dancing in the attic and chewing up my ceiling... I met an unnamed man on a street corner to buy poison that kills people to rid them...  I’ve had 3 friends in fatal car accidents in the last 3 months. My spare wheel cover fell off in the middle of the street and went rolling down the road...  Read More

  • Open Doors and a Thousand Dropped Balls

    The possibilities are endless if you choose to open up the can. The only thing to consider is that when you pop open the can, you realize there are too many options. When we have too many options, it’s like walking into a Chinese restaurant and they ask you if you want...  Read More

  • The Experience Industry

    You walk into a busy restaurant, and amidst the bustle, you spy a free seat. Carefully you squeeze between laughing guests and hurried waiters, plonking yourself down with satisfaction—ignoring the look of the well-dressed businessman you just beat to the chair. A waiter takes your order of a cappuccino and a croissant...  Read More