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  • Start A Shipping Company

    There comes a point in the life cycle of a project when you just have to bite the bullet. It can be frightening and it’s definitely a questioning time. Did we do everything we could to make this perfect? Is the homepage the right color? Are we even sure if this is a good idea or not? The questions never seem to end...  Read More

  • Inconvenience & Entitlement

    An inconvenienced person shifts the inconvenience back on you. An entitled person believes their schedule trumps all. Together these logics will cause a domino effect of unproductively, lack of teamwork, and have the potential to destroy a thriving out for the walrus jumping on the ice...  Read More

  • The Taste of Ignorance

    "Taste is a matter of ignorance. If you know what you are tasting, you don't have to taste." Frank Lloyd Wright. It's not so much a lack of "like" when it comes to tasting, but rather ignorance to what it is that you're actually tasting. If you know what you're tasting and...  Read More