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  • Entrepreneurship is Not

    It's Not: because you stole insider secrets and started your own gig. Or because you took your company’s relationships and started your own thing. Or you have an idea and leave your occupation when there’s a shortage of doctors in the nation. (insert whatever occupation here) It Is...  Read More

  • Zimbabwe Startup Ecosystem

    When we set out to start our first company, we built it while still at university for the first year. From theory to practice, we raised some capital and moved operations to Harare, Zimbabwe. We had a small team of developers and rented out a spare cottage behind Tommy’s family’s house. It was bootstrapped to the core...  Read More

  • Zimbabwe's Startup Pitch Night

    It would have been hard to fit another person in the room. This Friday night brought together over 120 people from different industries and backgrounds to create a community springboard for new ideas, compelling brands, and vision-burdened entrepreneurs. Emerging Idea's Pitch Night launched...  Read More