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  • Inconvenience & Entitlement

    An inconvenienced person shifts the inconvenience back on you. An entitled person believes their schedule trumps all. Together these logics will cause a domino effect of unproductively, lack of teamwork, and have the potential to destroy a thriving out for the walrus jumping on the ice...  Read More

  • The Connection Point

    “You may come anytime, but you can't come when I'm busy…” Everyone is vying for your time, your mental bandwidth, your energy, and...  Read More

  • Open Doors and a Thousand Dropped Balls

    The possibilities are endless if you choose to open up the can. The only thing to consider is that when you pop open the can, you realize there are too many options. When we have too many options, it’s like walking into a Chinese restaurant and they ask you if you want...  Read More