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  • Simba Savannah Gives Zimbabwean Entrepreneurs a Roadmap to Investment

    From Local Hustle & Community Meetup To A TV Show. There's no acting, there's no script, there's no pretentiousness. But there is a shared desire to build an economy with innovation and collaboration. Zimbabwe is filled with humor, passion, ideas, and a new desire to build with each other...  Read More

  • Create A Compelling And Exciting Vision

    "Money follows a compelling and exciting vision. You must know your net worth and find a way to build the ideas that are bigger than you.” We probably should end this entry right here. Enough said...  Read More

  • The Second Smartphone Revolution

    The first smartphone revolution involved about 2.5 billion people over the last decade. According to Fred Wilson’s recent blog post, “The mobile revolution from 2007 to 2015 in the West was more about how we accessed the internet than what apps we used..." We sometimes think of...  Read More