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  • Emotional Investing

    I’ve heard it over and over... "If you would have bought it right here, then you would have made X…" Then there’s... "Well, with our standard deviation you would have bought this until you reached 40 points up, then you would sell it right here for a 100X gain." Let’s get something straight...  Read More

  • Emerging Africa, Emerging Leaders

    Senegal released a vision plan to build infrastructure, promote investment, business growth, tourism, and boost national GDP. The plan is a mild overview and gives a little information on the nation and opportunities available. And it’s something that Zimbabwe and other African nations should...  Read More

  • I Don't Invest In Desperation

    "I don't invest in desperation. I’m out.” Desperation forces something that’s not there. It talks and tells, but doesn’t listen or learn. It makes irrational decisions based on emotion rather than fact and validation. It make's me think you may kill someone to get what you want, which is not cool...  Read More