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  • Emotional Investing

    I’ve heard it over and over... "If you would have bought it right here, then you would have made X…" Then there’s... "Well, with our standard deviation you would have bought this until you reached 40 points up, then you would sell it right here for a 100X gain." Let’s get something straight...  Read More

  • Investing When Your Back Hurts

    Fund manager and legendary venture capitalist, George Soros has said that he makes investment decisions based on twinges in his back muscles. He pays attention to subtle signals in his body that guide him to make sound decisions. When you break down his investing, it’s really a mix of...  Read More

  • Wait A Minute: Investing In New Ideas In Africa

    I've heard it said, "Wait a minute! Just relax. Be patient. Don't ruffle the system." In other words here's what's being said, "Let China or some other country that's efficient take the lead! Let the US keep creating brands that snuff out the brands of the emerging markets. Let mediocrity grow like a beanstalk and bellow deep chants that haunt our...  Read More