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  • Forward Thinking Investors

    When starting a company in Africa, be prepared to encounter fear-based questions, rejections and investors who flat-out want nothing to do with investing in small businesses and startups in Africa. This is definitely true of investors outside of Sub-Saharan Africa, but strangely also true of many investors in the region. We've found that there is a chasm between...  Read More

  • The Science Of The Delightful Pitch

    I talked about my love for Art Class and how that pertains to pitching, but I think I'd be leaving out a significant part of the how-to pitch conversation if I didn't also talk about my enjoyment in Science Class. Dissecting, creating a magma explosion in a model volcano, studying how caterpillars crawl into a tight cocoon and emerge as a beautiful butterfly. It was all fascinating. The thing with pitching is in order to truly get the Art part of it, you must understand the Science behind it...  Read More

  • Doing Business In Zimbabwe

    "Zimbabwe is an economic success story waiting to take off." Many people have stopped waiting because the boom is inevitable. Ernst & Young's (EY) Emerging Markets research office released a study titled 2013 Africa Attractiveness Study. This study utilized EY's African presence to give some insight into business on the ground in Africa. Zimbabwe was featured nearly a dozen times throughout this 70-page study. But what is it really like doing business in Zimbabwe?  Read More