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  • Small Talks

    Small talks are short chats that put your team on course. They can seem so unnecessary, but are empowering and momentum sustaining if done correctly. A morning encouragement and direction. A 2 minute afternoon meeting that directs a manager on how to navigate a...  Read More

  • Leadership Sits in the Same Cockpit as Reputation

    Leadership sits in the same cockpit as reputation on the flight of life. You get a good reputation, or not so good, as a leader when there's a crisis, not when there's smooth sailing. American Express's CEO has lead the company for 14 years. He took over the company right before the 9/11 saga where...  Read More

  • Capturing Imagination

    "The simple idea that captures the imagination of a few and then spreads is certain to dominate." You don't need a thousand followers to make a difference. You don't need an article written about you in Newsweek to put you on the map....All you need is a simple idea told well. All you need is the...  Read More