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  • Man On The Moon

    The power of leadership. Good leadership. It's setting the vision and attaching goals to them. Clear. Definable. Excitable goals, that would make people enjoy doing them even if there was no pay. John F. Kennedy said that we’ll put a...  Read More

  • Creating Compelling Stories

    We wrote about creating a compelling story when selling or promoting your business, but what if you don’t have a compelling story to share? Go and make one. Ordinary can be extraordinary with the proper frame...  Read More

  • Don't Give Them What They Want

    A lot of times people don’t know what they want until you show it to them. Apparently, he didn’t pay too much attention to customer research. Often, you have to disregard the client’s initial ideas and just go for gold. So, it’s risky, it’s only for the bold...  Read More