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  • Losing Your Creativity

    You'll lose your creativity when you think that you're the source of it...I went to a place today (in fact I go there every day) where you get farm grown beans, spinach, roasted chicken and avocado slices all for $3. It's really a winner. Today I was particularly excited about it because I was introducing this spot to a friend for the first time...  Read More

  • Change The World In 8 Hours

    There are 8 hours in a workday for normal people. There are 10 hours for people who love work, and there are 16 to 18 hours available to do “things that matter” for people who are obsessed with what they are doing. Let’s be conservative and look at 8 hours. 8 hours is a lot of time to...  Read More

  • When You Feel Like You Can't

    The power cuts have gotten worse. Growing up, it used to be intermittent—8 hours without power here and there. Now, we have power cuts for days in a row. Why is that? ...  Read More