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  • Pockets of Amazement

    When doing life straight outta Africa, there are illusions and mysteries that happen daily that are unexplainable, unbelievable, and downright bizarre. Short example, you’re working on a tech build for a new app and one day your developer disappears. No warning, no heads up, no letter left under the door. He just falls off the map...  Read More

  • The Philosophy of Bribes

    My friend was telling me a story of how he recently was flagged for speeding. The police officer waved him down. The conversation went something like: “You were speeding." Friend: “What? I don’t think I was. How are you so convinced I was speeding?” Police: "I can see from the distance that you're...  Read More

  • The Devon Factor

    Imagine if you could start at a company as an intern and in 18 months be pitching to the biggest CEOs in the major industries of your nation. How would you go about implementing such a meteoric strategy of success? We’ve coined this meteoric rise The Devon Factor...  Read More