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  • Project Updates Q1 2016

    Has 2016 been cruising by? Have you felt that? We certainly have. It’s blazing and it seems like the world is ripe with opportunity, struggle, and real conversations around every corner. For every success story we hear, there are tragic ones too. Keeping focused on helping those in our world as best we can, keeps us expanded and...  Read More

  • Project Updates Q4 2015 :: Year in Review (Part 2)

    In Part 1 of our end of year review, we discussed the extreme deflation that’s happening in Zimbabwe. This post will be formatted as our quarterly review with each project listed and an update. If you don’t see a previous project listed here, it’s because there’s nothing to report or no movement. It’s that time again for our quarterly review...  Read More

  • Extreme Deflation :: 2015 in Review (Part 1)

    To give you an accurate view of life and the business environment in the nation, we wanted to give you background. We will do our 2015 Review in two parts. This first part will be background on the economics behind what’s happening in Zimbabwe today. And part 2 will pick up with our list of projects and where we’re heading in 2016...  Read More