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  • A Million Dollars Is Nothing (Part 2)

    Not all new ideas need to start. Some just need to be tried. $1 Million dollars is nothing. This is true because Pride and Greed destroy an economy. I was en route to pick up my son from school today. There was a car accident at a major intersection. Traffic was down to one lane and instead of everyone methodically maneuvering around the traffic, they were all vying for the same spot. So the...  Read More

  • The Time Warp Conundrum

    Seth Godin wrote a post recently about strawberries. He writes, "Every grocer has to decide: when packing a quart of strawberries, should your people put the best ones on top?" He says that if you put the good ones on top, you’ll sell more but disappoint people when they find the moldy ones on the bottom. And if you flip...  Read More

  • Are You Sure-Sure?

    There’s a phrase in Zimbabwe that’s used regularly in daily conversation. It’s sure-sure. Being sure is not good enough for us anymore. We now must be sure-sure. Doubly sure for a doubly risky world...  Read More