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  • I’m Not A Techie, But Now I Understand

    Back when we were building Big Africa (2009), internet penetration was below 20%. We were spending all of our money on local developers and had no budget for anything else. Internet was new in this part of the world so a lot of people didn’t have email...  Read More

  • Avoid Complicated Deals

    One of the godfathers of Venture Capital (VC) in the USA is Fred Wilson, the co-founder of Union Square Ventures and Flatiron Partners. Fred wrote recently that one of the key takeaways from his first deal was “to avoid complicated deals. It seemed like such a smart deal structure but it really wasn’t.” We’ve...  Read More

  • Update on Impact Investing & One Empowering Job

    The World Economic Forum released a new research paper. In this paper, the WEF seeks to clarify the definition of Impact Investing as well as gives 5 main recommendations and findings surrounding the impact sector. The definition of Impact Investing has been expanded to a general...  Read More