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  • How Zimbabwe Gave Away A Multi-Billion Dollar Idea

    I don’t have any good ideas... I’m not sure where to start... I live in Zimbabwe and we don’t have the same opportunities like guys in the States... We don’t even have a currency... “Long before there was Uber, 21-year-old Logan Green traveled to Zimbabwe. There, he encountered...  Read More

  • Crazy Monkey Negotiations

    It was a vervet monkey. Gray fur, cute big eyes, tiny fingers and a charming personality. But as it became an adult, he turned monkeyish—swinging through the rafters of the office’s thatched roof, screaming at innocent passersby, and raiding the refrigerator anytime the office staff looked the other way...  Read More

  • Tracking Lions

    "Hop out. The tracks lead this way…" Our hunter friend points off into the thick bush. It’s hot and humid this time of year in the bush, but the ground has received just enough rain for the foliage to be thick. Almost too thick to traverse on foot because you can’t see what’s around the next bend in the trail. We follow along single file through the dense felt...  Read More