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  • Relay Calls And Fun Meetings

    There used to be this website that you could go to and make a telephone relay call. In other words, you could type the words on the computer and then someone somewhere would pick up the phone and call whatever number you wanted and read the messages you were typing...  Read More

  • Hiring Attitude

    Attitude. Att it. It's the beginning of Attitude. The British comedies use it a lot, "Go on, get at it.” There are two ways to get at it with attitude. (Fair warning: I couldn't stay away from the acronyms.)  Read More

  • The Theft Of The Mona Lisa

    Paris, 1911. A poor, Italian, carpenter named Perugia begins working a short-term contract at the Louvre. As with any menial job, he learns many menial things, such as where the entrances and exits are, the guards' names, rotations and the like...  Read More