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  • The Big Fish In The Room

    I was doing a talk last weekend to a group of people that receive multiple talks a week. I'm not really keen on hitting the category where I blend into the list of other speakers that have been good and okay. I try and shoot for memorable...  Read More

  • Unnecessary

    “We live in an age when unnecessary things are our only necessities.” After traveling all day from Northern Zimbabwe, I was flying out from Harare International Airport on a late night flight to Amsterdam. I had packed in a rush and didn’t have time to consider whether my bag was overweight. As I sat there pondering how to get around this issue and trying to negotiate with a...  Read More

  • Homestead Strike

    At what cost are you willing to go to achieve wealth? Andrew Carnegie was a titan of industry, known for his industrialism days in the steel business. Immigrated to the USA from Scotland, his business skyrocketed when he joined in a supply partnership with Henry Frick. Their first venture together was...  Read More