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  • Expanding Ideas

    Ideas are not scarce objects. Growing up, if you shared a part of your lunch with a friend at school, you got less. Perhaps you gained more of a friendship and forged an alliance in the schoolyard, but you actually got less of the sandwich at lunch. That was a big thing for me growing...  Read More

  • A Brilliant Idea

    How do you come up with a brilliant idea? Most of the ideas you’ll have are bad ideas. But it takes a bunch of bad ones to find a good one. The more you practice, the better you’ll get at generating ideas. Look for ideas in odd places. Everyone looks...  Read More

  • Simba Savannah Gives Zimbabwean Entrepreneurs a Roadmap to Investment

    From Local Hustle & Community Meetup To A TV Show. There's no acting, there's no script, there's no pretentiousness. But there is a shared desire to build an economy with innovation and collaboration. Zimbabwe is filled with humor, passion, ideas, and a new desire to build with each other...  Read More