A Different Way To Hiring

A Different Way To Hiring

If your solution is hiring cheap labor to address an inefficient system, then all you're doing is delaying dealing with and solving your inefficiencies.

One incompetent person helping another doesn’t result in exponential results. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Imagine an entire staff of people who are not placed in their proper competencies. Hopefully that didn’t just describe you and your team!

Labor is cheap in Africa. But don’t confuse cheap with competence. Adding more incompetence to the equation doesn’t solve it.

We have a rule of thumb that if you plan to hire someone, you should at least be marginally competent in the area that you’re hiring for. In other words, your competence level may affect the equation too.

Think about it, if you hire a travel agent to book a trip for you, but you consistently refuse to learn how the travel system works, then you’ll be making requests that are unfeasible and inappropriate. “I want caviar when I go through security!"

If you want to hire an office assistant to help book your meetings, but you refuse to think through your office workflow and processes, then you’ll be adding frustration to the situation.

Think through the system breakdown first. Solve it with technology and creative solutions before hiring. Once you’ve done these things, and only then, hire a competent individual and share your newfound competency with them.

If your entire team thinks and hires this way, you’ll soon have an army of competent and efficient team members firing on all cylinders. And that’s what makes an effective team.

(photo via benjtsunami)