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  • Ask Yourself This Question Today

    Do you ever stop and ask yourself why you’re doing the things you’re doing? I have days where I get a ton of crap done. I mean I’m blazing trails, on the phone, knocking out emails like your favorite cricket or baseball batter. You should see me on these days...  Read More

  • Fifteen Years In Prison

    "He just came out of fifteen years in prison this weekend." This is how I got introduced to Wes. His eyes were wide with earnestness and his smile seemed a little big. Without context, he was way too eager to talk and way too enthusiastic about...  Read More

  • Thinking We Think

    You’re thinking, but you’re also not thinking. It’s subliminal. A famous Zimbabwean entrepreneur said recently, "We Africans, we think that we think." Thinking can be lethargic action. An antithesis of making progress and moving forward. Just because you’ve thought about something and you intend to...  Read More