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  • It Matters

    The playing field isn’t level. It does matter who you are, where you live, and who you know. It matters a lot. With technology today, the geography is still important, but where you live isn’t as important as it once was. For example...  Read More

  • Small Business For Life

    Many of you think you need to create a business, scale it, and sell it. Then you’re rich and live a nice life. But, there are a number of fallacies with that thinking. In Africa, we need more people to start businesses that solve local problems and run for a long time...  Read More

  • A Million Dollars Is Nothing (Part 2)

    Not all new ideas need to start. Some just need to be tried. $1 Million dollars is nothing. This is true because Pride and Greed destroy an economy. I was en route to pick up my son from school today. There was a car accident at a major intersection. Traffic was down to one lane and instead of everyone methodically maneuvering around the traffic, they were all vying for the same spot. So the...  Read More