A Powerful Shortcut To Success

A Powerful Shortcut To Success

Looking for a secret shortcut to business success?

Many people turn their nose up when they’re told no. Sorry, no thanks, we’re not interested. That kind of direct speech freaks many people out.

When you have a client who demands that you do the project differently than you think it should be done, there can be give and take. But if you’re the expert that they’ve hired, then you shouldn’t hesitate when it comes to pushing back, especially if they’re derailing their own progress.

That kind of pushback should be your mode of operation, “You have hired me to help you, and the way you’re going about it is wrong…”

If they won’t listen, then don’t work with them.

Ah, yes, I’m telling you to throw away business. But if you look at it that way, you’ll miss the beauty behind having standards.

Saying no is powerful and creates value and demand. Not an arbitrary no where you randomly shut people down as a negotiation tactic. I’m talking about a thoughtful, helpful, compassionate no.

Having standards of who you’ll work with and how you’ll work with them is a requirement for an excellent business.

This can be extrapolated to pricing, hiring, product development and to the culture of your business.

Standards aren’t something to be scoffed at. They're a requirement.

The world’s foremost marketing expert says it this way:

"The thing is, if you begin with standards and stick with them, you don't have to become a jackal to make ends meet. Not only is there nothing wrong with having standards, it turns out to be a shortcut to doing great work and making an impact.”

Standards are the shortcut.

(photo via kenny freeland)