We are a group of young entrepreneurs and businessmen from southern Africa and the USA that get our hands dirty with every idea and company that we’re a part of. We use local methods and implement international standards to build ideas and cultivate opportunities.

Our goal is to build 100 ideas into companies that impact half a million people by 2025. Currently, we work in southern Africa (based in Zimbabwe) and the USA. We have a few projects starting in Ethiopia and Zambia, as well as the Midwest USA in the coming year. We're currently building entrepreneur communities in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA and Harare, Zimbabwe.


  • We believe that in order to change the world, you have to invest in ideas and the people who can execute them well.
  • We believe that the bottom line has two sides: who you touch (or impact) and your Return On Investment (ROI).
  • We believe that empowering the new generation of entrepreneurs in the third world will boost economic growth, create new jobs, and increase quality of life for all.
  • A third world investment needs people on the ground.
  • Corruption leads to poverty long term. Character builds sustainable communities.

Our aim through all of this is to create jobs and inspire communities.

Our Story

If you want to read a great story about how Emerging Ideas got started, we blogged about it over here. If you're just interested in who we are and want to get on with it, check out our individual stories below: