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  • Excellent Is Easier To Maintain Than Average

    It's harder to lead average. It's easier to lead world class. Excellent is easier to maintain than average. Here's why. One word: momentum. When something is crushed out of the park, the release button gives you sleepless nights of excitement...  Read More

  • The Story Behind Thanksgiving

    Today is Thanksgiving for all of our friends in the US of A. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. This is a holiday that no matter where you are in the world, you can take a minute to ponder things that you’re thankful for.If you live in the USA, you should be thankful for a...  Read More

  • Why The Next Generation Must Build

    Why the next generation will be builders and not founders. While reading through a Forbes write up by Theo Priestly, his article postures that this new generation of young people (a person born after December 2000) will have the backbone of technology and new things created, but will need to come alongside the disrupters of the previous generation and establish systems and creations that build upon...  Read More