Advance. Ask It.

Advance. Ask It.


After we all talk, there must be an advance (even if it's something internal).

Where did we get to because we all sat down for a meeting? It doesn't have to be a physical destination or a chart, or goals, or minutes. But did we move forward?

When the grand ideas and solutions were passionately thrown on the table, did we advance the cause? In amongst the problems and awareness of the "bad things," did we advance?


Retreat means that we don't think what we're doing is working at all. Retreat almost means we shouldn't have picked up the guns in the first place. Retreat means there's not a braveheart warrior or Shaka Zulu standing up boldly against the odds.

How many times did you advance? Ask the next time a meeting is in progress.

Where's the advance? Did we move? Did we gain territory?

  • Heart territory. Did we get closer as a team, in trust, transparency.
  • Project territory. Did we carve out the best way to see this project move forward?
  • Connection territory. Are we considering all the different relationships that could boost our strength and effectiveness?
  • Money territory. Did we slice down our costs and make good investment decisions?
  • Fun territory. If it's fun, it definitely means you’re not on the retreat. If it gets too serious, you've got to advance the fun.

After every project meeting, discussion, or conversation, consider the advance and make plans to keep the momentum rolling forward.

(photo via archivesnz)