Adversity's Eyes

Adversity's Eyes

When you encounter a lion in the bush, the typical advice for survival is to stand up as tall as you can, put your arms in the air, and make some noise.

"That usually works," my professional hunter friend says. "But if he charges you, stare him down square in the eyes.”

Facing adversity is a fact of life. 

And I’ve consistently noticed that when Adversity comes knocking, you will never be ready for him. He likes to hit when you don’t seem him coming.


The question is where will he find you?

Will you be looking Adversity square in the eyes? Will you face the challenges head on with integrity and strong leadership?

Often I am so surprised when Adversity shows up. But the longer I have a go at building a company, the more I realize, he’s always there waiting for the right opportunity to strike.

Will you run? Or will you stand your ground and look intensely into Adversity’s eyes?

It seems counterintuitive to stare down a charging lion, but I’ve found this is the only way to really survive when faced with adversity.

(photo via mark mcneill)