Africa's Digital Trust

Africa's Digital Trust

Social media is important in Africa.

It’s used as a communication tool. And it’s used as a primary source of news and entertainment.

But what is this doing to how we understand the world?

  • The world is flat.
  • Riots in the streets.
  • President is dead.
  • Obama is the antichrist.
  • Conspiracies run rampant.

What is true?

Less than 60 million households in sub-Saharan Africa have TV. Yet brands still treat TV as the penultimate marketing tool.

Social has the potential to reach so many more if done well.

Yet we're in meetings where companies are demanding in the millions of reach for TV. Is that unrealistic? It depends on how much you're willing to spend for those eyeballs.

Social media is a level playing field no matter the capital budget. You can reach Munya in the capital or Munya in the bush.

Social media is media. That’s what you have to understand. And in order to communicate with your base, your customers and future customers, if you’re not using social, you’re behind.

"The transformation of “social media” to plain old “media” is happening fast in advanced economies, but in emerging countries, particularly in Africa, the impact of that transformation may already be apparent. The decentralization of media and communications may seem a threat to those who have traditionally controlled the levers of power, but the true, and mostly positive, influence of social media has only just begun. It should be embraced."

For more on this, read this fantastic perspective here from Yinka Adegoke.

(photo via jide alakija)