Aim For The Heart

Aim For The Heart

"Aim for the heart, not the head. Your first question should always go to the heart." Cal Fussman, award-winning interviewer and journalist

It's easy to jump right in and talk pros and cons. Strategy and cash. X's and O's. But it's all head stuff.

The heart connection is what connects to who someone is. The understanding of who they are at the core. The curiosity about the person on the other side of the table as a human being and a new friend, not a number on a spreadsheet or an easy sell.

If you study excellent interviewers, that's what they go for—they aim for the heart first. Then, the head can catch up and attempt to explain the heart. But once you've gone into the details of the head with someone, it's hard to back up and connect on a heart level.

This isn't some romantic thing. It's purely valuing people for who they are. Seeing people for who they were made to be. Understanding that at the core of who we are as humans is a deep desire to matter, have a purpose, and attempt to fulfill that purpose.

When you start connecting on a heart level with people in your world, your perspective shifts. Your ideas are more fluid. Your empathy increases. And your opportunity horizon expands.

So aim for the heart first. The head is an easy second.

(photo via eneas de troya)