Another Post For The Queue (BBQ that is)

Another Post For The Queue (BBQ that is)

Barbecue or BBQ, in southern Africa known as braai.

Eating Barbeque Like A King

When we approached senior project at college, Tommy came up with a startup idea and we raised $500k for it and launched a new business. When I did my senior project, I got a private barbecue fund raised with a lead investor and I traveled all over the city trying a dozen BBQ joints and rating them on a proprietary scale that I developed.

Elmer’s It Be Bad BBQ

This place is legendary in Tulsa, OK and it’s finger-licking good. They are known for their Badwich which is an amazing culinary experience—hot links, 24 hour smoked bologna, and all the delicious beef and ribs you can possibly enjoy. It’s hog heaven between two buns. When I got introduced to the owner of Elmer’s ‘It Be Bad’ BBQ, the name’s so good you have to say the entire thing, he was skeptical as to what I was proposing for my senior project.

“You want me to fund you to go try all my other competitors BBQ and then let me know who’s is best?”

“Yes sir, and I’ll build out a scale…an honest scale from customer service to taste of the ribs, so you can see where you are superior and where you are falling behind the competition.”

“Hm, that’s intriguing…let’s do it.”

And I was off to the races. The problem was, I had a busy semester ahead of me. So initially, I thought I would pace out and go to one BBQ joint every couple of days and have a nice lunch on Elmer’s bill. I ended up eating at 6 BBQ places in one day. I mean I like BBQ but 6 plates of ribs was overdoing it just a tad.

By the end of the project, we created the most beautiful senior project you had seen—it won all the awards. And our main recommendation was that if Elmer’s would raise their prices (which were way below market value at the time) by a mere $0.25 per Badwich, they would add over $100,000 in additional profits to their bottom-line.

That BBQ budget paid off after all.

Other people had lame senior projects. One of our’s became a viable company and the other made a viable company $100k and fed me and my roommate for a semester. Your situation is what you make it. You can accept a boring office job and then be a boring office person. Or you can turn your situation into something you’re excited to be apart of.

It’s all in how you choose to approach it. Senior project? No problem, I was able to eat free barbeque for a whole semester, save on meal expenses, all while producing an award-winning project and making Elmer a smooth $100k.

I’m hungry.

[The above photo is courtesy of a new company that has just launched called Dead Rooster Co. If you haven't heard about these guys, then where have you been? They're doing handcrafted bbq/braai rubs—made from fresh ingredients like Thou Mayest Coffee, chiles, pure passion, and a lot of ground up love. Check them out on Instagram or Facebook.]