April 2013 Project Updates (Q1)

April 2013 Project Updates (Q1)

Emerging Ideas e-launch last month was a great success. Thanks to the brilliant team at Explainify and all of you, we saw several thousand people hit our site and the momentum has carried to some great opportunities on the table from a large impact investing firm to entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas in places like Tanzania, Zimbabwe, and Nigeria.


Empretech is a USAID sponsored initiative that fosters entrepreneurial education and business development. We are enthusiastic about working with Empretech Zimbabwe, inspiring their fine group of entrepreneurs and taking their ideas to the next level. We plan to be speaking at Empretech, Harare frequently, as well as working with a handful of their top entrepreneurs quarterly.

Celebrate International

Celebrate International is such a remarkable organization to be working with. Things are rocking and rolling with great strides being taken at every point of the vision. We broke ground on the school building project—expanding from 140 children to 600 over 2 phases. Tommy has been leading the Youth Basement building project as it is nearing completion. It's the first and only youth event center in the nation complete with full set stage, video gaming stations, an events section, and even a custom built espresso bar. We'll post some pictures on the final walkthrough when we open to the public. A lot of big dreams will take place in this space!

We'll be launching their new website in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for that announcement.

Hot Water PVT

New Project: Insta-water heaters is a new project we've initialized. Working with contacts in Malaysia, we'll be importing instant water heaters into Southern Africa. Currently, most people rely on large water geysers to heat their water. These tanks are inefficient, expensive to maintain and operate, and don't work when the power is out (which is often)! Our solution is instant water heaters, they cost less, are easy to maintain, energy efficient, and even work when there's no power. We're launching this company next week.

Zimbabwe Granite International

ZGI is in its last stages of securing funding for the granite mine operation. The details of licenses and paperwork are in place. Equipment on its way. Processing land secured Stateside for processing plant...

Global Shapers Harare Hub

Tommy was voted President of Global Shapers Harare last month. What an honor! He then was selected to represent the nation of Zimbabwe at the World Economic Forum in Cape Town, South Africa next month. This is going to be a great opportunity to showcase Zimbabwe to the world as well as Emerging Ideas, CMedia, Global Shapers, etc.


We are so proud of our team at CMedia. They are a group of overcomers, who accomplish a lot with a little and are literally telling the best stories in Zimbabwe. CMedia has recently worked with some very reputable companies and is consistently working with the top tiered companies in the nation. This quarter, they travelled to Victoria Falls, Hwange, and Bulawayo with African Sun Hotels. Monkeys broke into the rooms of the teams at Elephant Hills and our intern from the US was able to bungee off the Victoria Falls Bridge. CMedia is working on a deal to produce The Makosi Show (soon to be airing on Mnet Africa), Mimosa, and a few other pieces of production that will add to the existing movement of "changing the story of Africa."

This week, CMedia's documentary on the building of the Victoria Falls Bridge was shown at the Old Mutual Theatre and will probably become part of school curriculum for Zimbabwean History. (See photo above of Tommy presenting before showing the film).

We are so passionate about our team at CMedia and we want them to keep producing world class videos for Africa. To blow the box of creativity by means of exposure, we're putting on a USA media tour mid-July where we'll take a select group of our team to some of the top ad agencies, animation studios, production houses, and multimedia based churches in the midwest USA. We'll be hosting the tour out of Tulsa, OK and are expecting 4 enthused Zimbabweans to make the trip.


The growing startup Cotrade Industrial Solutions is doing well, Gift is an amazing business owner and entrepreneur. So much so that we begged him to work with us on ZGI's project—and he's done an amazing job there as well. Mines are often slow moving with equipment decisions. Cotrade currently has quite a few strong quotes on the table that will go through in the next few weeks. We'll ride this momentum as we expand to another nation in the coming months.

95% Share Marketing Conference

95% Share Conference in Zimbabwe was a huge success. Now the tables are turning as we are heading to Chicago at the end of June, bringing the best CEOs and businesses in Southern Africa to tour Chicago on a VIP Exclusive CEO tour of some of the top businesses and establishments in the midwest USA.


As always, thanks for being apart of our work! Without your encouragement, support, and ideas, this wouldn't be possible.

Instigation is the key to doing anything risky in life. Try instigating something before the end of April. Maybe it's a phone call you've been putting off, or an article you've been thinking about submitting to the newspaper. Take someone out to lunch that you have no business sitting with and have some fun questions to ask them.

Let us know what you instigate this month in the comments.


Tommy & Tim

(photo: joe)