Are You Committed?

Are You Committed?

"It's a waste because the fact is, most people can learn to be good at something, if they only choose to be, if they choose to make the leap and put in the effort and deal with the failure and the frustration and the grind.” —Seth Godin [source]

Are you committed or are you merely interested?

A committed owner (or employee, entrepreneur, leader) dedicates herself to learning and taking the risk of things possibly not working out. Regardless of the potential outcome, she flings herself fully into the cause.

Commitment to a cause is rare. And commitment to each other is lacking in the world today. We see spouses abandoning one another in droves, athletes ditching their teams for bigger contracts, and owners keeping 100% of the profits for themselves.

It doesn’t take a decently good entrepreneur to launch a product and scale it into a successful venture. It takes a dedicated and committed one.

Commitment outlasts outcomes. It stays focused until you’ve formed yourself into the leader you need to be in order to handle the outcome you desire.

Stay focused. Be fully committed. Don’t wait until you discover you’re good at something to commit. A world changer never knows she’s going to change the world when she starts. She just commits to her cause from Day 1.

Are you committed?

(photo via andy spearing)