Are You Holding Back Your Best?

Are You Holding Back Your Best?

Some of the most creative people, companies and bands are known for putting their best ideas out there.

That's a scary thing to do because what if you don't have as good of an idea next time?

But that's the beauty of forcing yourself to be reinvented. People expect your best and nothing less. And when you start forcing yourself to produce greatness over and over again, the best start to respond to that level of expectation.

Are you afraid to put your best idea out there?


  • Theft
  • Failure
  • Rejection

Those are all real things you have to deal with. But the worst of all is regret. "What would have happened if I had only shipped your idea? If I had tried it?"

Failure makes you stronger. Regret shackles you to the past.

Ship your absolute best. You'll be surprised what you learn. And there may be a few people who like your best.

And if your best isn't good enough, get better, and try again.

(photo via allen warren)