Are You Sure-Sure?

Are You Sure-Sure?

There’s a phrase in Zimbabwe that’s used regularly in daily conversation. It’s sure-sure.

Used in context it goes like this:

Friend 1: Hey brah, you want some tea?
Friend 2: Nah, I’m good. Thanks though.
Friend 1: Are you sure-sure?
Friend 2: Sure-sure!

Being sure is not good enough for us anymore. We now must be sure-sure. Doubly sure for a doubly risky world.

There’s also another double phrase called now-now.

Friend 1: I’ll come there now.
Friend 2: Now-now?
Friend 1: Yes, now-now.

Because 'Just Now' is too ambiguous, we shift to now-now to confirm that Now means Now. But then again it doesn’t, now means now and now-now means now-now. If you catch my drift. (Welcome to life in Africa for those of you left scratching your heads).

Anyway, lots of people have an idea but they’re afraid to go after it because they can’t be sure how things are going to work out.

What happens is that many people base their decisions on what they’re sure of. And to take it a step further, they now base decisions on what they can be sure-sure of.

The problem with this is that "all the good stuff [in life] comes from leaping. From doing the things that might not work.” [HT to Seth Godin]

The choice is yours. You can choose the Sure-Sure path, and always chase things that you’re sure of. Or you can do something you believe deeply in but aren’t quite sure how it’ll end up.

One things for sure, you won’t always be Sure-Sure in life. Get comfortable with that fact for a moment.

(photo via santi molina)