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  • Be A Unique Banana

    Did you know that about half of all the bananas consumed worldwide come from the same tree? The exact same tree. It’s been cloned so many times that every banana is in the same family. This is a brilliant strategy as a mass marketer. Get your market to...  Read More

  • Tiny Compromises & The Path To Mediocre

    The best way to end up mediocre is via tiny compromises. It doesn't take much to deviate from the path. Navigating via compass, if you're a few degrees off, you literally could sail to a totally different continent. We are kings and queens of...  Read More

  • Planning for Dilapidation

    Things will break. It’s inevitable. And This IS Africa. Things will go wrong. They’ll be delayed. And you’ll never be able to understand why. It’s part of doing life here. Those that design business systems without this in mind are going to fail from the start. If you don’t plan for...  Read More