Assume Responsibility

Assume Responsibility

Ever wonder how to become a leader? Is a leader born or made?

How do you just wake up one day and be a leader?

Responsibility means you have the power to control or manage. And it usually involves accountability.

I’d like to make the case that leaders aren’t born or made, but they’re decided. In other words, a person decides to be a leader based on their relationship with responsibility.

Most people don’t want accountability or responsibility. But when someone decides to do something with their life and live with a purpose, they take responsibility for their own life.

This decision then attracts more responsibility and accountability to themselves, their peers, and the part of society that they live in.

The majority of people in life are looking to someone else to take responsibility. Most people will not assume responsibility. This fact then frees you up to assume responsibility for the responsibility to be responsible.

It’s not a tongue twister! When you decide to be responsible, you’re choosing a road of accountability and leadership. And it’s a magnet.

Leaders attract other leaders and can be trusted with great vision.

So you say you want to be a leader? Decide to be one.

You’re responsible and accountable for your own results.

(photo via moyan brenn)