Astro Technology: A Mission Impossible

Astro Technology: A Mission Impossible

So there you are, relaxing in your reclining, office chair, enjoying a nice tropical juice while skimming through twitter trends and listening to Khona and Xigubu...when, all-of-a-sudden, you receive an email notification from a mysterious sender—it’s an audio attachment you suspiciously open and play.

*In a strange male voice:  “The mission, Cmedia—if you choose to accept it—is to capture an entire culture, an entire city, an entire people with one GoPro, one DSLR and one iPhone 4S. Your makeshift ‘dream team’ will consist of a suave, smooth-talking graphic designer, a hustling Final-Cut Pro intern, and an overworked sleep-walking cameraman/photographer.

The Client: Astro Technology

Location: Harare, Zimbabwe

Shooting Time: Three hours

Editing Time: Even less…

Project Completion: 8:30 a.m. tomorrow morning

*This file will self-destruct in five seconds… 5, 4, 3, 2…

Did you really just countdown..? Okay so maybe we exaggerated our circumstances a tad on our recent Astro Technology shoot, but we were under the gun to meet their “Astro Launch Party” deadline the following night.

(If you didn’t already know, Astro is a tech company in Zimbabwe attempting to take Samsung and Apple head-on. A David fighting two Goliaths if you will).

So upon accepting this pressure-heavy task, the Cmedia team grabbed what equipment it could and with no real plan, headed out into H-town.

Improvisation was key in a shoot like this, but our caffeine-crazed minds came together as we jammed the GoPro into our white Nissan Xtrail’s grill and left it there as we toured the city. The driver was relentless in mazing through flea markets and city alleys, as our graphic designer and intern took on the utility roles of actor, shooter, and navigator. Our zombie-like cameraman abruptly surprising townspeople and labor workers stirring sadza pots as he popped his head out of the Xtrail sunroof. He must have looked like an electronic Cyclops to the wide-eyed citizens of Harare with his DRLR camera leading the way.

…Meanwhile, back at our headquarters, our Master Video Editor—also infused with caffeine—was attempting an impossible mission of his own: To start and finish all of Astro’s new device product ads—while mentally preparing himself to work through the dark hours of the night to complete Astro’s story that his team spent all afternoon capturing.

Did he get out alive? Tune in to this link to find out “ASTRO MISSION IMPOSSIBLE."

With our help crafting Astro's story and positioning into their launch, the event was a great success. Astro Technologies had a strong start and is making great headways with strategic partners, revenue flying in, and a model to scale African manufacturing bringing jobs and hope to the tech community of Zimbabwe. 

Until next time...