Bake More Pies

Bake More Pies

Have you ever had a friend who got exactly what you wanted? It’s tough, then you start getting upset because now you can’t have it.

Inherently, we think that we have to get a piece of the pie before all the pie is gone.

But this is faulty thinking, and you know how I feel about faulty thinking—shun it! Get rid of it. Kick it to the curb.

Entrepreneurs must stop fighting over the same pie. Creativity is an oven, so there is no need to fight and stab each other in the back for the same dollar. Rather, put on your apron and fancy baking hat, and start baking.

Simply, bake more pies.

If entrepreneurs across Africa began to bake more pies rather than squabble over the existing ones in the market, you would see GDP skyrocket, quality of life jump, and transformation take place.

Start baking. And if you’re already baking, keep baking, please.

(photo via food thinkers)