Banana Splits

Banana Splits

Split bananas (a banana cut in half) are being served as banana splits. It’s confusing people. And for the record, they're not the same thing. It’s bad news.

The new currency will help resolve issues, says the government. It’s a split banana and they’re trying to sell it to us for the same price as a banana split. No one wants it.

I was served pork ribs once when I ordered beef. The waiter said it was basically the same thing. No it wasn’t.

The new currency will be one to one. No it won’t because the black market knows that it’s two halves of a piece of fruit.

Serving instant coffee in the place of brewed coffee, claiming that it’s fresh.  Split banana.

The opportunities are ripe and ready but if you’re a foreigner you have to give up a chunk of equity right at the beginning. (And there’s a ton of fee’s that you might no expect that will jump on you). Split banana.

We’ve seen it happen in our history too.

Living in a land like that where the point of reference for your money is nothing more than a printing press, but at least it’s “our own currency.” Split banana.

A 100 million dollar bill would buy you a loaf of bread, if that. The nation has been plunged into such grief with disease, sickness and deprivation. And money has meant absolutely nothing.

The economists that wrote Freakonomics described Zim’s 2008 rendezvous as a case study because it defied basic economics. We’re living in the Matrix. We are a Star Wars story. It’s another planet.

When you’re expecting the freedom, the variety and the brilliant combination of a banana split... (Or to put it in life terms, freedom, opportunity, independence and a brighter future)... and you get something far more inferior. That’s the split banana.

It’s not the same and we have to call it out. We have to send it back to the kitchen. We must put our spoons down and demand what we were shown in the menu picture. The problem lies when the waiter doesn’t realize the difference.

"When the very institutions that were intended to give us guarantees and intended to give us security and safety are tottering now and it’s not just in one country, it’s all over the globe…” Ravi Zacharias

(photo via kclarkson78)