Be A Unique Banana

Be A Unique Banana

Did you know that “about half of all the bananas consumed worldwide come from the same tree?” (HT to Seth Godin for this idea).

The exact same tree. It’s been cloned so many times that every banana is in the same family.

This is a brilliant strategy as a mass marketer. Get your market to like a certain type or flavor, then scale it out and fulfill the need.

But what happens when something unforeseen comes and wipes out that type of tree? The rest of the crop is susceptible.

Seth writes, "Variation brings resilience and innovation and the chance to make a difference.”

In Africa, Chinese goods were exciting at first when they were the only option. But as the market has increased, cheap goods that don’t last long aren’t appealing.

The interesting thing about the banana story is that whoever made the banana plants and created the market is at a great advantage and has a lot of power. But just because every other banana on the market is the same, doesn’t mean you have to be.

We like unique. And for investors looking to find great entrepreneurs to back, they’re also looking for unique and not another, typical, African entrepreneur.

Be unique. And strive for remarkable.

(photo via bioversity)