How To Avoid Being an Idiot

How To Avoid Being an Idiot

For one to reach the status of dumb, silly or idiot means he or she has tried to get there. No one just becomes an idiot. No, they subconsciously plot their life like a chess game to see how they can corner themselves into a place where the rest of the world says “checkmate."

Check your life. Check your decisions. Check your character.

Sometimes I don't think idiots know what they're doing, but they still have to put effort into it.

  • It takes effort to be emotionally unstable.
  • It takes intentionality to be rude.
  • It takes actionable greed to come across as self-centered.
  • And it takes more muscles in your face to frown than to smile.

So it takes effort to be un-liked and unloved. And it takes too much energy to be selfish.

Living for others is a rule of nature.

Trees don't eat their own fruit, rivers don't drink their own water, and the sun doesn't shine for itself. So when selfishness prevails, life becomes hard, because you’re going against the natural way of things.

Everyone has traits of an idiot and of selfishness. It's our personal responsibility to keep checking ourselves, instead of allowing the world to tell us checkmate.

(photo via rod waddington)