Billions Worth of Failures

Billions Worth of Failures

I’ve made billions of dollars worth of failures. Literally. But they don’t matter. What really matters is...companies that don’t experiment and embrace failure, they get in a desperate position where they throw hail mary bets at the end of their existence.

Now I’m not talking about bet the company bets, that’s when you’re desperate. I’m talking about embracing innovation and failure and seeing opportunity in the market and going for it. (paraphrase from this interview with Jeff Bezos, CEO and founder of Amazon)

As you’re closing out your year (and starting a new one) setting company, personal, and life goals, it’s good to have perspective from those who have built successful companies.

Failure absolutely sucks. It’s not fun. But it’s like the weird member of your family who’s always there. Don’t focus on the failure part, focus on innovation and building truth and honesty into your core company culture. As you do so and make small bets against failure, you may find yourself innovating into better and brighter things.

Happy new year and may this year be the boldest, gutsiest, and most fun yet. Cheers!

(photo via bayhaus)