• Knowing Why

    The best time to invest in something is when nobody believes in it but you...You have to totally believe in it and know why. Before starting their new venture, which has made successful investments in Twitter, Etsy, Uber and more, they spent 6 months writing their manifesto on venture capital and the focus they were going after. After writing that, “we knew why.” ...  Read More

  • Deadlines

    Always work with deadlines. The frustration, or the feeling of being blocked, has a purpose. Robert Greene writes in his book Mastery about Albert Einstein giving up on the problem of general relativity. One night, he threw in the towel. Enough is enough—I’ll never solve it!...  Read More

  • Clearing Landmines

    ...These so-called Hero Rats have become proficient mine sweepers—clearing mass fields of dangerous explosives left after war. And thus far, they’re cheaper, faster to train, and have a perfect success rate—no casualties to date...

      Read More

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