• Exceeding Expectations

    You can make an impact with your business relationships. You can. But can you really do business and have fun at the same time? Yes, but only if you manage expectations, set them appropriately, communicate them effectively, then achieve them and hopefully exceed them. Do you...  Read More

  • Hubris and Who's Speaking Into Your Life?

    Napoleon Bonaparte was the most powerful man on the planet in 1808. He had conquered the known world and was implementing a global control he dubbed the Continental System. This system was a designed blockade to prevent trade and commerce to flow from Europe to Great Britain, his next target...  Read More

  • It's Happening Again

    "Zimbabwe’s US dollar bond notes have lost value and encouraged value arbitrage,” reads the headlines. We’ve been through this before. And businesses everywhere are bracing for 2008 again. It’s been slow like the water boiling with the frogs inside...  Read More

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