• Techie Beggars

    The technology driven beggar. Beggars on every street are suffering. Not just because they don't have jobs, but because now the country is moving to paperless. So the beggars are side swiped. They need point of sale (POS) machines or ecocash. Imagine...  Read More

  • Dodge vs Ford: What's the Purpose of Business?

    By 1916, the Ford Motor Company had accumulated a cash surplus of $60 million (the modern day equivalent of $1.35 billion). The price of the Model T, Ford’s signature product, had been cut over the years, yet the wages of the employees had increased dramatically, and these generous investments had been publicized. Two brothers...  Read More

  • Stay Focused

    Occam’s Razor is a problem-solving principle that says, "simpler theories are preferable to more complex ones because they are more testable.” This principle is based on the notion that simplicity equals perfection. It is a guide or a suggestion—that states that when given two explanations for the same thing, the simpler one is usually...  Read More

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