• Project Updates (Q2 2017)

    It’s that time again for our quarterly review. For those new to our tribe, we write these updates every few months to show you what we’ve been working on.The disclaimer: One of our guiding principles that we seek to implement as a group is transparency. As we work with entrepreneurs and their companies, and build companies of our own, we think it’s important to inform you about what we’re working on, as well as how it’s going.   Read More

  • Excellent Is Easier To Maintain Than Average

    It's harder to lead average. It's easier to lead world class. Excellent is easier to maintain than average. Here's why. One word: momentum. When something is crushed out of the park, the release button gives you sleepless nights of excitement...  Read More

  • You Lost Me At Hello

    They're going to give your business or your ice cream shop or your new app a try. They know all too well what dodgy looks like. They smell lack of authenticity like sharks smell blood. They want a quick reason to exit a store or a conversation. A reason to say...  Read More

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